Harry Wibier: Stone Age and Art

Stone Age

My name is Harry Wibier (1969). I’m a visual artist and historian, passionate about the Stone Age and art. That’s because the idea of a world without institutions, spreadsheets and mass consumption appeals to me. A world where everything is new for humans and life is a great magical journey of discovery. This long gone prehistoric world has shaped us humans; social and psychological. Being aware of that, I look at contemporary society differently. A dolmen is no longer an old heap of stones. It’s the ruin of old ambition and belief, a prelude to the future of the enormous office towers that now seem so important to us. Nothing that people make is permanent. Inventiveness, skills and primal drifts are. In this way, the Stone Age offers me an infinite amount of subjects, forms and themes. That’s why I live out on them in colors and forms.

Art of the old masters

As a visual artist and historian, I also get inspired by the many master painters who have risen to great heights in the past. Where possible, I learn from them and try bits of their their visual language without literally copying their work. These are the tributes. So each of my paintings and drawings is an original work of art. But it’s because of the influence of old masters that I sometimes make art that has nothing to do with the Stone Age.

Harry at Sprovedyssen in Denmark


Because I am so interested in the Stone Age, I have been writing blogs about it for years. For example, they are about places I’ve been to, books I’ve read or historical events. I create the illustrations – photos and drawings – myself. When I started, I had no idea that I would ever make this English website with my art. That is why all these blogs are in Dutch. If you are nevertheless interested, check dolm.nl.

Harry in front of Venus paintings


Harry Wibier, Rotterdam



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