Westenesch #01


Title: Westenesch #01. Made by Dolm. Acrylic paint on paper, 50 x 70 centimeters. Unique dutch dolmen with a intriguing shape painted in a brutal way with bright colors.

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Westenesch #01

Once part of a pig coop. Heavily mutilated with five drill holes. The only Dutch dolmen in private ownership. For that reasons Westenesch is a unique monument in the Netherlands. I was particularly intrigued by the shape. It looks like a cannon or a pointing finger. For this painting I tried to make that shape come out as well as possible. I used different layers of paint with bright colors. The result turned out to be brutal and exciting; different layers produce an equally coincidental as inimitable effect. You can stare at it and drown in color.


The heavy paper measures 50 x 70 centimeters. Acrylic paint only.


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Dimensions70 × 50 × 1 cm


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