Silver moon, purple landscape: La Hechicara


Near the village of Elvillar, not far from Laguardia, you can see the witch’s hut; “La Hechicara.” It’s a dolmen. This painted picture of it was made with acrylic paint on wallpaper, 24 x 32 cm.

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La Hechicara

Near the village of Elvillar, not far from Laguardia, stands the witch’s hut; “La Hechicara.” This is the largest and best-preserved Neolithic monument in the Basque Country. Three stones support a capstone. In addition, nine large and a lot of small stones. The view on the village and the vineyard is fantastic. After the discovery in 1935, restoration of this dolmen followed and much later also research. The found tools, pottery and human remains are now in a museum inĀ Laguardia.

Silver moon, purple landscape

Silver moon, purple landscape” is a series of three paintings. The individual works form a unity in subject, color and style, but differ in details: The dolmens depicted are originally in three different countries and the moon is always somewhere else. I’ve painted these images with acrylic paint on wallpaper, 24 x 32 cm. I keep several wallpaper books in my workspace. I like the material to work on, especially with acrylic paint. The paint stays on top of it and with a bit of luck the patterns shine through very nicely. This is also the case with this painting.


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Dimensions24 × 32 × 2 cm


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