Laguardia (Purple)


This is a painting of the dolmen at Laguardia in Spain, made in the spring of 2020. Acrylic paint on canvas, 20 x 20 centimeters.

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Laguardia (Purple)

This is an artwork depicting the dolmen near Laguardia. It is part of a series of three paintings. They originated in the spring of 2020, at the time of the corona crisis. When creating this series I did not want to let myself be guided too much by reality. I thought it was more important to evoke a magical atmosphere and leave room for personal interpretation of the viewer. The dolmens and stones shown are:

  • Laguardia, Alava, Spain.
  • Castlerigg, Cumbria, England.
  • Giant’s Ring, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I had just – before the outbreak of Corona – bought new Posca acrylic markers after attending a workshop in the center of Rotterdam. I enjoyed using them very much on these three canvases.


This is a painting in acrylic paint on cotton, 20 x 20 centimeters. I made the first set-up for all three canvases at the same time, using acrylic paint, mainly around the color purple. Then I added a lot of water, creating structures by dabbing on the wet paint with tissues. Then I applied the thicker paint. After letting it dry, I finished the whole thing with the acrylic markers in the colors blue, marine blue, violet, pink, purple and khaki green.


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