Pierre de la Fée 06


Six interpretations in mixed media on paper (24 x 32 cm) to honor the Pierre de la fee. This battered dolmen stands in Draguignan in the south of France. This is the sixth one.

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This Fairy Stone (Pierre de la Fée) stands on private property just under a hundred meters from the road. The sign that goes with it does not state why this dolmen has this magical name. There is also nothing about the bombing in 1974. The perpetrators protested against the relocation of the administrative center of the region from Draguignan to Toulon. I wonder why they didn’t commit an attack in Toulon. That seems to me to be more obvious given their conviction.

Pierre de la Fée

The Fairy Stone is one of the strangest dolmens I have ever seen. I can understand that only three supporting stones and a covering stone are still standing and the burial chamber is completely open. But I can’t understand that the whole thing hasn’t collapsed; the front is tilted far. I don’t dare to stand under it. The landing of two pigeons seems to me enough to permanently disturb the balance after all those millennia. The idea that the whole is still standing despite the bombing reassures me only partially. The weld in the left supporting stone at the front makes it clear to me that a major renovation has taken place. And there is more damage; superficial scratches from the last centuries. Do I recognize the year 1819 or 1919 there?


The information board does mention that the Pierre de la Fée was founded in 2,500 BC. It was a collective cemetery where people came from far and wide. Perhaps you could call it a prehistoric administrative center in that regard; in the absence of writing, the administration took place orally. As a tradition. I imagine how, after centuries of talking and meeting, the first writings are stored in the center of this town. That too for centuries. Deeply rooted tradition. Until someone comes up with the idea that administration and surrendering can be much cheaper in Toulon. The result is a battered discarded Fairy stone. No, the modern age has clearly not done this dolmen any good. It is interesting. That’s why I made the six interpretations in acrylic paint and mixed media on paper of a format of 24 x 32 centimeters.


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