Lines in Callanish Stones


Near Callanish on the island of Lewis is a beautiful stone circle. This is a drawing of a part of it, made with water color pencils and fineliner pen, 30 x 23 centimeter.

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Callanish Stones

Scotland is amazing! The Neolithic legacy on Lewis for instance is immense. This island is part of the Hebrides, or Western Isles. There you’ll find four stone circles in the immediate surroundings of the village of Callanish. But there are also rows of stones and tombs. This stone circle is the most impressive with a seven-tonne stone of nearly five meters in the middle that almost perfectly indicates the north. Around it are thirteen stones of an average height of three meters. If you look closely you will see beautiful lines in these Callanish Stones.

Archeology of Callanish Stones

The stones lay under a thick layer of peat for a long time. Archaeologists had to dig one and a half meters in 1857 to make the Callanish stones completely visible. Research has since shown that early farmers created this unique place in 2900 BC and that it remained in use for some 2,000 years. It was an equally long and turbulent period. Cultures alternated and the monuments were partly destroyed and forgotten. The agricultural land remained in use.


This drawing places particular emphasis on the lines in Callanish stones. In this way, ancient structures find their expression in a modern – almost geometric – picture. This is a drawing made with water color pencils and fineliner pen, 30 x 23 centimeter.


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