Dutch Dolmen: D54 Havelte-O, Calling Deer


“D54 Havelte-O, Calling Deer” gives a look at one of the Dutch dolmens and at one of its builders. Acrylic paint on wallpaper, 24 x 32 cm.

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Dutch Dolmen: D54 Havelte-O, Calling Deer

“D54 Havelte-O, Calling Deer” gives a look at a Dutch dolmen. In addition, we see a schematic representation of what may have been a contemporarie of the builders. A man has a deer skull on his head, complete with antlers. He shouts. Is he hoping to lure the meat to his tribe?

The Dolmens at Havelte

The Netherlands have just over fifty dolmens. They are all – except one – in the province of Drenthe. D54 Havelte-O is the highest in numbering. It lies close to D53 Havelte-W in a hilly landscape that took its shape in the ice age. The two prehistoric buildings are a bit out of direction compared to other dolmens. The ride to it is nevertheless very worthwhile. The nature around the Havelterberg is beautiful, as are the burial mounds that you can find there.

Technique of Dolmen at Havelte

I keep several wallpaper books in my workspace. I like the material to work on, especially with acrylic paint. The paint stays on top of it and with a bit of luck the patterns shine through very nicely. In this specific case, those are the horizontal stripes. Water color and fine liner pens on paper, 24 x 32 centimeters.


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Dimensions24 × 32 × 1 cm


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