Dutch Dolmen: D53 Havelte-W, The Bone


“D53 Havelte-W, The Bone” is an artwork of a dolmen in The Netherlands. 18 x 25 cm, Water color and fineliner pen on paper.

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Dutch Dolmen: D53 Havelte-W, The Bone

“D53 Havelte-W, The Bone” gives a look at a Dutch dolmen. In addition, in the distance we see a schematic representation of what may have been a contemporary of the builders. And what do we see next to the dolmen? There lies a bone on the ground. Where did it came from and what will happen to it?

D53 Havelte-W

The Netherlands have just over fifty dolmens. They are all – except one – in the province of Drenthe. D53 Havelte-W is the largest but one. It lies close to D54 Havelte-O in a hilly landscape that took its shape in the ice age. The two prehistoric buildings are a bit out of direction compared to other dolmens. The ride to it is nevertheless very worthwhile. The nature around the Havelterberg is beautiful, as are the burial mounds that you can find there.


For this artwork I made a random base layer with watercolor. I then drew the contours of the dolmen with fineliner. Finally, I fantasized about a scene that I depicted schematically. The entire process was intuitive. Water color and fineliner pens on paper, 18 x 25 centimeters.


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Dimensions18 × 25 × 1 cm


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