Le dolmen de Coste-Rouge #01


Title: Le Dolmen de Coste-Rouge #01. Made by Dolm. Acrylic paint on paper, 24 x 32 centimeters. French dolmen with an intriguing hole, painted in a smooth realistic style.

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Le dolmen de Coste-Rouge

Rain near Lodève. The park behind the priory of Saint Michel de Grandmont smells of pine resin. I approach the top of the mountain and look for miles. Below is Lac du Salagou with its eroded coast. The blue of the clouds reflects in the water. I see the red earth in the distance. Hence the name of this monument is Le dolmen de Coste-Rouge. The stones are gray with whitish spots of lichen, almost like the Dutch dolmen that I know so well. I see a big hole in a building block for the first time. With this painting I mainly try to capture the atmosphere of this beautiful place.


The heavy paper measures 24 x 32 centimeters. Acrylic paint only.


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Dimensions21 × 30 × 1 cm


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