Brutkamp 05


The most impressive attraction in Albersdorf is Brutkamp, ​​a dolmen with a capstone of 23 tons. The fifth of five artworks: Mixed media, 24 x 32 cm.

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Brutkamp 05

Albersdorf is a town in the north of Germany. There you stumble across the Neolithic sites. The town lies north of Hamburg in Scheswig-Holstein near the Wadden Sea. The most impressive megalithic monument in Albersdorf is the Brutkamp, ​​a dolmen with a capstone of 23 tons. It lies in a small park on an elevation between a number of houses. I am impressed by the size, the beautiful location and the amount of stones. This was once a hill. But now that only the skeleton remains and the wind has free play between the bearing stones, it appears how vain and perishable the fruit is of heavy labor. What remains is a big stone, carried by smaller ones.


When I pick up the brushes, I mainly try to play with the weight and the shape of the solid capstone and the small empty, glaring darkness beneath. I’ve created five works in the course of a few days and four of them are reasonably abstract based on wallpaper. For one I used acrylic paint only. It’s the most realistic one of the five. Number five: Mixed media on paper, 24 x 32 cm.


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If you want to know more about Brutkamp, please read the blog about it.

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