Blue woman with burden


The blue woman carries a heavy burden. She seems a painted woman with a painted stone on a real wall. This is a painting on photo wallpaper, 24 x 32 cm.

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Blue woman with burden

This blue woman carries a heavy burden. Blue is the color of depression and melancholy. The stone wall in the background makes it immediately clear that she is a painted woman with a painted stone. So, it is a scene in an outside space. Everyone can see her fight. It is an uncomfortable confrontation with someone else’s problem. Or do we recognize ourselves in the blue woman?

Heavy load

Everyone knows the feeling of having to carry a load. Sometimes that is literal, toiling like a beast of burden with a large or heavy object. Even more often that is figurative. For example, guilt or doubt presses on conscience. Or the weight of responsibility feels heavy. Something like that can make you feel miserable for a long time. Sometimes it helps to get help in such a situation. If only it is a good conversation or a token of respect or appreciation. The best thing is of course if someone helps with carrying. The stones of the dolmens and other megalithic monuments were only raised by the effort of many. Sometimes entire communities were involved.

Technique of “Blue woman with burden”

Because I like to work with wallpaper, I have a stack of wallpaper books at home. I regularly tear out pieces for painting. In this collection I also found pieces of photo wallpaper, including this wall. After a long consideration, I painted a nude person. The stone came afterwards. The result was this acrylic painting on a wall: Blue woman with burden, 24 x 32 cm.


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Dimensions24 × 32 × 2 cm


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