Arthur’s Table; Is He Sleeping?


“Arthur’s Table; Is He Sleeping?” is one of six watercolors of a dolmen in Carmarthenshire. 18 x 25 cm, Water color and fineliner pens on paper.

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Arthur’s Table; Is He Sleeping?

“Arthur’s Table; Is he sleeping?” is one of six watercolors that I made after seeing a beautiful photo of a compact megalithic structure in a forest in Carmarthenshire. The name of the dolmen – Arthur’s Table – suggests that the famous King Arthur has something to do with the construction, but the monument is clearly thousands of years older. On this artwork we see Arthur’s Table, a man and an animal. The man is lying in front of the dolmen with his face in the earth. The animal looks at him. It seems like he is thinking, “Is he sleeping?”


For this series I made six base layers with watercolor. I then clarified the contours of the dolmen with fineliner. Finally, I fantasized about scenes that I depicted schematically. The entire process was intuitive.Water color and fineliner pens on paper, 18 x 25 centimeters.


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Dimensions18 × 25 × 1 cm


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