Standing stones and stone circles

Standing stones and stone circles fascinate me and I incorporate that fascination into my art. There are several reasons. In the first place, the stones often stand so beautifully in the landscape. Secondly, most of the stones themselves have beautiful shapes. Thirdly, I love the spiritual radiance that the stones have. As if you could come through the stones into contact with a higher or old collective consciousness that effortlessly transcends many centuries. But most of all I am fascinated by the mystery that surrounds standing stones.


The most famous standing stones are in Stonehenge. Because this construction is so clearly focused on the position of celestial bodies, people often give it a cosmic meaning. And in the case of Stonehenge that is perhaps not so bad at all. Many other stone circles and standing stones, however, seem to have nothing to do with sun, moon and stars. The truth is that today we have no idea what the various stone circles or standing stones were for.


The general tendency is to think that standing stones and stone circles were once religious places. But it could just as well concern market places, party places or sports fields. Or all three, as a sort of ancient counterpart to a modern hall complex. We will never know. That is why I think it is nice to look at art of standing stones and dream away about the events that took place there.

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