Much of my art concerns neolithic France. There’s a reason for it. I get overwhelmed each time when I Get there. The amount and quality of the dolmens and standing stones in France is enormous. It’s hard for me not to get inspired there.


Most famous are the fields with standing stones in the south of Brittany. Carnac is the largest of them, but it is certainly not the only one. And then there are also plenty of dolmens. I especially painted these ones. That is because a number of them have extraordinarily beautiful shapes. I love to experiment with those shapes in different colors and styles. There are dolmens like the one in Crucuno that I have painted seven times and there is a good chance that I will use these same shapes again at a later time.

Southern France

But there are also many interesting megalithic constructions outside of Brittany. In the south of France in particular. There are many easy accessible, for example on the edge of a village. However, sometimes they are very hard to find. Signs or hiking trails are missing in those situations. The whole can become completely overgrown by plants. I nevertheless came across some very inspiring stone age locations. Each and everyone of them is inspiring. Neolithic France keeps me making art.

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