Earth and nature

All this art has something to do with the earth or nature. These are major topics that are closely linked to eachother. We humans, as dominant residents, have a huge responsibility for both. And we depend on them. The art below invites the viewer to reflect on that.


For example, there are some paintings with abstracted people who exploit the earth. A man takes gold from the earth, soiling the surface and thereby enabling cities to grow. Or a farmer uses chemicals to make his monoculture possible and to deplete the earth. These doings have undesirable effects on nature. The local flora and fauna are the victims.


I also like to paint stone age monuments in nature. First of all, that is because I love the shapes of dolmen and stone circles, certainly in a beautiful landscape. Moreover, with the positioning the builders generally had a very good sense of the interaction between the structure and the environment. And last but not least, what always strikes me in such a scene is its meaning: A temporary intervention in eternity. It emphasizes our own temporality as an individual and as a species. Earth and nature exist longer than we do. And they will continue to do so.

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Showing all 26 results