Much of my art is about a dolmen. I am crazy about these monuments from the Stone Age.

What is a dolmen?

A dolmen is a building from the Neolithic that served as a burial chamber. Or rather, as a charnel house. It consists of at least three stones. Two have a supporting function and a third is on top. These stones often used to carry several layers of stones and earth. Here and there in Europe are still intact burial mounds; hills with gates to a dark underground realm.

Why a dolmen in a work of art?

Not only because they harmonize nicely with the landscape, but especially because they are so terribly old. So old that we no longer know the details about their use. That makes them mysterious. Dolmens stimulate my imagination. I often let my imagination go about the parties, customs and ceremonies around the dolmen. And I enjoy using colors, techniques and materials on the forms that the dolmen give me.

The meaning of a dolmen in a work of art

For me personally the dolmens mean different things in my art. In the first place, they fulfill a purely aesthetic function. I like the sight of them and I try to convey that beauty in a personal way so that more people can enjoy it. Secondly, the dolmen symbolize a number of major themes such as our own finitude and our impact on the landscape. In short; a dolmen says that everything passes and puts our desires and ambitions in a different light. Everything that we leave behind in the end merges with the landscape. It puts daily life in perspective.

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