Animals and insects

I love to incorporate images of animals and insects into art. I find it particularly interesting to depict the relationships between these life forms and the human species. It has been subject to so much change over the centuries.

From prey to hunter

Since the human species took its first step on Earth, it lived in conjunction with animals and insects. At first instance mainly as a prey. Predators ate him, insects stung him and scavengers lurked on his remains. Until the first curious man or woman managed to get honey from a comb. Or put crickets in his mouth. Or killed a mammoth. Dogs, horses, cats and many more animals found a home at the human house since then. Many large and small animals nowadays conform to the wishes of humans. Willingly or not. You even can hardly find a worm in your apple anymore.

Art object

The first images of animals date from prehistory. Who doesn’t know the beautiful rock drawings from Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira? But less well-known are the small statuettes of human figures with animal heads. Apparently our species knew very early how related we were to animals and used art to express that. For entertainment, we still like to watch werewolves, Spiderman or Catwoman even today. I find that fascinating. Hence the art below with animals and insects.

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