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The Artist

Hello. My name is Harry Wibier and I’m a visual artist. “Ancient magic in modern art,” is my motto. I love the Stone Age. Especially ancient rock art, dolmens and standing stones. If you want to know more about my motivation or want to contact me, check out the information page. I also write a blog. And I have a dutch site on prehistory and art: This page is my web shop. Here you can buy my art, inspired by the Stone Age. And more.


For years I like to travel regularly to the province of Drenthe. Not only because of the beautiful nature, the friendly people and the picturesque villages, but especially because of the dolmens. I recently consulted my photo archive to take a new look at these beautiful dolmens. And I started painting them again. More than ever I have given my imagination free rein. Do you want to know more about this Dutch dolmens? Then read my blog on them.

D53 Havelte-W
Dutch Dolmen in Drenthe; D53 Havelte-W

Stone Age art

At the moment in my home at Rotterdam I’m converting my memories and neolithic fantasies into more works of art. You can see most of my paintings on this site. And buy this Stone Age art if you like.

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Showing 1–60 of 151 results