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Welcome in my Stone Age inspired art gallery. My name is Harry Wibier. “Ancient magic in modern art” is my motto. That’s because I love ancient rock art, dolmens and standing stones. I have several reasons for that. If you want to know more about this motivation or want to contact me, please visit the information page. I also write a blog. There you can read among other things about the prehistoric sites I have visited. The page you’re on now is my gallery. You can see Stone Age inspired art here. In the shop you’ll find some really cool prints. I also have a site in the Dutch language on prehistory and art:

Gallery of Stone Age art

Every artwork on this page is original, unique and handmade. Just like the works of art of our distant ancestors. However, the materials I use are modern. And of course I myself am also a child of my time. The art below is not made for caves or dolmens, but for living rooms and offices. If you look at it you can dream about the distant past, think about the primeval man or woman in yourself or just enjoy beautiful colors and shapes. I hope you’ll like it.

Showing 1–100 of 165 results

Showing 1–100 of 165 results